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2016 Collection: Himkala Limbu

"Cosmic Astronauts"


 Having always been fascinated by outer space and the wonders of this universe, astronauts have taken up the challenging yet interesting journey to the cosmic world. This collection was inspired by the futuristic glamour of space and shows a distinctive, sci-fi aesthetic with flawless craftsmanship and detailing. We bring the astronauts white, well-equipped suit and the magnificent cosmic world back to the earth as a cutting-edge fashion design statement.

We proudly presented LovLimbu for the first time in 2016. It features elegant, silky wrap dresses and classic, professional skirts that fit any situation and occasion.

2016 Collection: Himkala Limbu Gallery

2016 Collection: LovLimbu

"CHIC-ky Gal" 

This collection focuses and appreciates the young women who love to dress up every day and her love for fashion. Going from her day to day; she owns the trend effortlessly. Always in Style.

2016 Collection: LovLimbu Gallery


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